STUDENTS from a Romsey performing arts school are set to take part in a variety show this weekend.

The show by TPA Academy will take place on May 11 at the Nuffield Theatre in Above Bar Street.

TPA holds classes at The Romsey School, Halterworth Primary School, Fryern Junior School, Botley Primary School and Stroud school.

More than 200 students are set to take place in the showcase which will involve singing, dancing and acting,

Stacey Wilson, 32, director of TPA Academy said: “There will be musical theatre numbers, pop songs and drama performances.”

Students taking part have been rehearsing for the show for the past six months.

Ms Wilson said: “We are all looking forward to it.

“I can’t wait.”

Ms Wilson previously organised a showcase at The Point in Eastleigh two years ago but she said this one “will be twice the size.”

When asked why she decided to organise the variety performance show Ms Wilson said: “I decided to set up the show as it gives the children a chance to perform on stage with lights, an audience and wear a costume.”

Ms Wilson said that since starting the academy at The Romsey School seven years ago that the academy has “got more and more popular.”

Ms Wilson said: “I decided to set up the academy as it gives the children confidence and it’s a great way for them to meet other children and make friends.

“It’s also a good stepping stone on to bigger and better things.”

Stacey added: “All the girls, boys and teachers have put a huge amount of effort and hard work into the show and it’s all set to be a fantastic day.”

For more information about the academy call Stacey on 07930980038 or email