MYSTERY surrounds the future of a luxury Romsey hotel.

The news comes after The White Horse located in the Market Place has been handed over to the National Crime Agency

The hand over follows an investigation into money laundering which has taken place over eight years.

It has been revealed that, Amanda Nuttall, 45, who scooped a £2.5million lottery jackpot in 2008 has used the money to cover up her husband and prominent Romsey businessman, Jonathan Nuttall’s money laundering scheme.

As part of a civil recovery the couple has to forfeit assets worth £6m including The White Horse.

Now the future of the popular market town hotel is un-known.

A spokesperson from the National Crime Agency said: “The final decision on what will happen is still to be made.”

However they said: “What normally happens once the assets are handed over is a receiver is appointed to manage the process on behalf of the Treasury and the assets are then sold at auction.”

However manager Paul Bingham said: “I believe the hotel will still be running in six months time.

“This hotel has been in the community for 600 years butw e will just have to wait and see what happens.”

When asked is staff members were worried about the future of their jobs he said: “obviously everyone has their concerns.”

Romsey town centre manager Mark Edgerley commented on the “importance” of the “flagship business”.

He said: “The White Horse is most important as an employer in the town and it is always a concern when job situations are uncertain, the business offers excellent facilities for business and private users and I do hope those responsible for its future take account of its importance to Romsey and the surrounding area.

“Paul and Sarah Bingham have worked hard to grow the business and are great supporters of many community events and organisations.

“Now is not the time to speculate, rather we must wait for official details of the next stage of the process that will see ownership change, hopefully to an individual or organisation that can continue to invest in this flagship business.”

Cllr Dorothy Baverstock who represents the Romsey, Cupernham ward added that she would be “devastated if anything happened to the hotel.”

As part of the investigation the NCA uncovered that hundreds of millions of pounds had transferred through more than 100 bank accounts held globally including in the UK, Russia, Hong Kong, and Switzerland.