A ROMSEY riding group which helps disabled children is in need of new venue.

The Romsey Riding for the Disabled Association is seeking a small enclosed paddock with two ponies so it can continue to hold riding lessons for disabled


The association began in Romsey in 1992 and has recently been holding lessons at Kiln Farm riding school.

However, the association lost use of the riding school at the end of March due to personal reasons of the owner.

Judy Dowdall, 60, has been the chairman of the association for the past 20 years.

She said that it would be “such a shame” if the association could not find somewhere to continue the lessons.

Up until March, the association was providing lessons to 18 children with disabilities aged four to 11 years old.

Judy said: “We are completely self sufficient and have all our own equipment, volunteers and insurance.

“We ideally need a small enclosed paddock with two ponies that is preferably within a five mile radius of Romsey.

“We provide the lessons and we can help look after the


Judy added: “We would just love to go back to doing the lessons.

“I just love it.

“It’s fantastic seeing the children’s smiles as well as the parents.”

The lessons which the association hold focus on improving mobility and also social skills and Judy said the difference the lessons can make are “quite something.”

Bill Aldous, 72, who volunteers association said the children that take part in the lessons “really enjoy them.”

He added: “I thoroughly enjoy working with the children and it’s great to see their progression.”

“It would be sad for us and the children if we didn’t find somewhere new.

“We are panicking at the moment.”

Residents have taken to social media to share their support of the association.

One Facebook user said: “. It’s such a shame, the volunteers do such a tremendous job. I really hope someone can help find them a place .”

Another Facebook user added: “Hope they find somewhere.

“My daughter used to attend, the volunteers were amazing.

“She loved going and misses it as moved school.”

Cllr Nick Adams-King also took to Facebook to ask: “Can anyone help find a new venue for Romsey Riding for the disabled?”

Anyone who has a suitable paddock or riding school should get in touch with Judy by emailing her on


The association will not hold lessons during the school holidays and therefore will not need the use of a venue during these