FLOOD protection work is set to close the Causeway in Romsey next week for four months.

The work which is part of he £6m Romsey flood alleviation scheme is set to close the Test Way and The Causeway.

Two bridges and spillways are set to be built along The Causeway, the private road which leads from Sadlers Mill to Middlebridge.

A spokesperson from the Environment Agency confirmed that “The Causeway and Test Way will close from June 3 until October when the works are expected to be completed.”

Diversions will be put in place.

Work as part of the scheme is also underway at Fishlake Stream.

A spokesperson from the Environment Agency said: “Piles are being driven about 7m deep and will intersect to enable a flow control structure to be built behind this.”

The proposals, designed to prevent flooding, have been drawn up by the Environment Agency and Hampshire County Council.

Residents gave mixed reactions to the plans at a public meeting held in Crosfield Hall in March.

A number of issues were raised including how changing the water flow in The Causeway will affect the river bank, the footpath which will be inaccessible to pedestrians when the work is carried out, and others said they thought there had been a lack of consultation time.

The plans have been put in place after flooding hit the town over the winter of 2013 and 2014.

During this event, 36 residential properties and 44 commercial properties were flooded.

The news comes after the The Romsey Extra Footpath running from the bypass to Sadlers Mill temporarily closed from May 24 until November 24.