ROMSEY students have taken part in a project that combines science and art.

Year eight students from The Mountbatten School have created a range of artwork which focuses on the work of Leonardo Da Vinci’s inventions and music.

The students undertook the project whilst working with Southampton Gallery Southampton professional orchestra.

The students from each class created carefully observed drawings and collages from musical instruments, painted and drew to a range of musical styles.

They also developed designs influenced by cubism and deconstruction sculptures.

The students’ body of work was then passed on to the department technology.

They uses the art as their starting point for the development of sculptural pieces.

In technology lessons, students created further designs to be made into sculptures, which had elements that could be played as an instrument.

The sculptures were made from wood and metal and could be viewed from all angles.

Southampton professional orchestra. musicians worked with a group of year eight students after school to create an original sound scape.

This musical piece was displayed alongside the artwork from students at the Southampton Gallery.

The artwork, sculptures and performance soundscape were exhibited from 18 May at Southampton Gallery in the Civic Centre.

This coincided to coincide with the end of the Southampton Gallery Leonardo da Vinci exhibition.

The final film is now on display at the gallery, alongside the sculptures and the design drawings.

It is also available on the SÓN Orchestra YouTube channel:

The audio track is also available at:

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