EX-PUPILS from the first class of Mountbatten School returned to the building to remember childhood memories, when they celebrated their 50th anniversary on Friday.

Around 200 people arrived at the school - many of them greeting each other with warm hugs after 30 or so years of time spent apart.

A school band, hog roast, bar, pick n mix stand and a large marquee was the main set-up for the alumni reunion.

Many visitors said they had not been to the school since they attended as students, and now 50 years on, 1450 students head to the school to learn every weekday.

Theresa South, who was in the very first year 7 group when the school opened in 1969, said: "When I was here, there were no other years here, it was just us.

"We all watched Neil Armstrong be the first person to walk on the moon together on the black and white television in the hall."

Associate Headteacher Chris Cox, who has worked at the school for 14 years, said: "We have had alumni come all the way from Germany today and from all over the country.

"It is lovely seeing people meet again after not seeing each other for years, so it's quite an emotional experience and we hope to do it again in a few years."