A TEST Valley school has announced its new name to pupils and parents.

Hampshire Collegiate School, Embley Park, will be called Embley from this September.

The school will be introducing a new logo which will feature a double headed eagle and the Hampshire Rose, which are both woven into the original architecture in the Manor House at Embley.

A spokesperson from Hampshire Collegiate School said: "We will have a new visual identity to strengthen and modernise how we are represented to our pupils, families, colleagues and the communities we work with.

"Embley and our visual identity are reflective of who we are and our location - Embley features in the Domesday Book and is Anglo Saxon for ‘clearing in the woods’.

"The name will provide more consistency and ease of use for pupils and parents, and the people we work with locally and internationally.

They added: "This new identity is reflective of the journey we began two years ago to become more academically ambitious for our children such that every individual has the self-belief to achieve their personal best."

"This goes hand in hand with helping all pupils to be true to themselves; living authentic lives and showing compassion to those around them."

The school will also start consultations with parents and pupils about a new school uniform this September, where parents views on fabrics, price, comfort and other needs will be considered as part of the design.

The final designs will be unveiled around the summer in 2020 and available to purchase from between July and August 2020.

Pupils will be able to wear the old or new school uniform from September 2020 until the end of Summer term 2021.

After a two-year transition, from September 2021, the new uniform will become compulsory.