A DEBT charity has appointed a new coach to help residents who feel overwhelmed with their finances.

The Romsey Christians Against Poverty Debt Centre, based at Freedom Church, Priestlands, has appointed Sarah Davis after the charity saw an increased demand for their services.

Now the charity will be able to take up to four new clients a month.

The free debt counselling centre opened in 2016 and helps clients who are in "unmanageable debt" and do not have the money to "put food on the table" after making repayments, according to the debt centre manager, Jo Ibbott.

Jo said: "If you are vulnerable financially then it only takes one thing to make it very difficult and creditors can start to shout very loudly for their money back.

"Some people bury their head because they are too scared so we can really help with managing that process."

She added: "Some people have mental health issues and it becomes very overwhelming to deal with people so the situation can spiral quickly if people are not in the right headspace.

"That is where we can really come in and help put a plan together for clients and bring back some sort of order.

Sara Davis, who has previously worked for another debt counselling charity, will be working one day a week to help with the extra number of clients.

She said: “I just love this area, I love Romsey, I’m part of Romsey Baptist Church and we are keen to get involved in the work of CAP locally as it’s a great way for us to make a difference and serve our local community.

“From my work life, I know how difficult managing your finances can be, particularly if you’re struggling with other things like your health, a bereavement or unemployment.”

Sarah hopes to visit 15 new clients in the next twelve months, which will increase the centre’s capacity by a third.

Both Jo and Sara visit every client in their own home, working with each person until they become debt free, while the charity's head office specialists negotiate with creditors.

The UK charity also creates a budget and provide ongoing technical support.

Jo added: “If you know things are out of control and you’re stressed, missing meals or not sleeping, please give us a call and let us help you get your life back on track.”

To make an appointment with Jo or Sara visit capuk.org or call 0800 328 0006.