Take That mega fan was asked to be tour photographer by Mark Owen.

Kate Hunter, from Halterworth, Romsey, was asked by singer Mark Owen personally to photograph the band's Odyssey Tour at St Mary's Football Stadium after coming across her work on social media.

She has been a photographer for just four years and started at the age of 44 years old.

Kate Hunter has been a fan of Take That for 30 years and described it as a 'dream job'.

The 48-year-old, said: "When I began, I gave myself an unrealistic goal of photographing Take That on tour."

Kate, a part time business administrator, started her photography journey by taking pictures of tribute bands, family photos and dog portraits.

She added: "I began taking photos of concerts by doing Take That tribute bands such as 'Rule the World' in Leeds, 'Re-Take That' in Newcastle and Tony Lewis as Robbie Williams in Manchester.

"I spent all my evenings and weekends putting in hard work to achieve my goal, I would stay up until 12 in the morning editing.

"I have worked my socks off for four years."

Kate was approached by Take That HQ and Mark Owen to photograph the tour after spotting her work on Instagram.

She described the moment as "unreal" and it was a "dream come true" being in St Mary's Football Stadium.

On the day she was taken backstage and through all of the changing rooms to meet Mark Owen who explained what Kate had to do.

She said: "Most photographers are brought on for three songs then taken away, I was allowed freedom for the whole show.

"Before the day, I went to four other shows so I knew exactly when they come on and off the stage and what order the songs are."

Kate was positioned in front of the barrier with a few of her friends supporting her just the other side of it.

"I wanted to take photos that I knew the fans would love - being a huge fan helped so much.

"I was really nervous to do it - the stomach was not good.

"It really was the best day of my life - I cannot remember most of it."

Kate's photos were used throughout the band's social media and are still there today.

She added: "My next goal is to take portraits of Take That - away from all of the performing."

You can find her online by searching 'Kate Hunter Photography' on social media.