A TEST Valley couple will soon be marking 70 years of marriage next week.

Jean and Don Marsh, who are both 90-years-old, celebrated their platinum anniversary early at Awbridge Village Hall with over 50 family members.

The couple have lived in Romsey for approximately 65 years and got married when they were both 20-years-old in Maybush Church, Southampton.

Jean and Don first met through their fathers who used to work together at Redbridge at the railway station.

Jean said: "Our anniversary is on August 13 and we met when we went to a party. Don's dad said before 'you two should get together because you are both musical' and we both go to church.

"We both won this musical event and Don used to play the accordion so I started to accompany him. We would play every Saturday and we were either playing at weddings and sometimes my husband would play at 21st birthdays.

"We have also both played at Southampton Guildhall, he played the piano and I would sing.

"We have enjoyed our music and that was the start of our courtship."

The pair now live in Chamber's Avenue and have two sons called Brian and Barry. They also have six grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.

When asked what is the secret to a long marriage, Jean said couples should not have "any secrets", should live within their "means" and should not get "into debt".

She added: "If you are friends with each other to start with you will always have that. If you also have things in common and have similar ideas it helps."

Don said: "We are very lucky and the secret to a long marriage is talking to each other about everything."