TWO COCKERELS were dumped inside a cardboard box near Romsey.

The two adult roosters were found by a passer by on a remote lane between Nursling and Romsey, on Sunday, September 8.

The birds had been left inside a cardboard box, and the passer by kept them safe and called the RSPCA.

The RSPCA is asking people to 'properly consider' whether to take on poultry as pets.

Animal collection officer, Katie Wood, collected the birds and took them to the RSPCA Solent Branch to be cared for, and is keen to raise awareness about keeping poultry as pets.

Katie said: "Luckily, these two cockerels are not harmed from their ordeal, but it doesn’t change the fact that abandoning an animal is a callous thing to do, especially as these two were left beside a road - they were very vulnerable.

"Thankfully, they’re safe in our care now until they are adopted, but it may take some time for a new home to come along."

"Sadly, cockerels being abandoned is not uncommon, and at the RSPCA we often have a number in our care looking for new homes.

"They can be difficult for us to find homes for as any new owners will need understanding neighbours who don’t mind the potential noise of cockerels crowing, and this can put people off from rehoming them."

Katie said she urges people to consider rehoming a rescue hen, and to make sure you strongly consider their welfare when keeping any bird.

She added: "They have their own personalities and can be friendly and quite tame.

"It’s really worth putting in time and patience to get more out of them, but before deciding to keep chickens of any kind it’s important to consider whether you have the knowledge, time, facilities, money and commitment needed to care for them."