19/02189/FULLS Two storey rear extension to form extended living accommodation - New Barn, Winchester Road, Romsey, AMPFIELD

19/02192/TREES T1 - Yew Tree - Fell - The Old Village Store , Winchester Road, Ampfield, AMPFIELD

19/02230/FULLS Single story side extension to form extended living accommodation - Hilltop Farm, Newtown Road, Newtown, AWBRIDGE

19/02167/TREES T1 Cherry - overall reduction by upto 3m and canopy thin by upto 2m, T2 Maple - overall reduction by upto 2m and thin by upto 2m - 9 Hinwood Close, Broughton, SO20 8AU, BROUGHTON

19/02178/TPOS T1 - Large multi-stemmed sweet chestnut - remove stem, T2 - Large multi-stemmed sweet chestnut -remove tree - 1 Bracken Hall , Bracken Place, Chilworth, CHILWORTH

19/02173/TREES T1 Mature Copper Beech - Crown thin by 20%, remove major deadwood. - Glebe House, Church Lane, Houghton, HOUGHTON

19/02184/TREES T1 - Horse Chestnut - Remove south western co-dominant stem and minor re balancing work. - Parsonage Farmhouse, Romsey Road, Kings Somborne, KINGS SOMBORNE

19/02179/CLES Certificate for existing use of first floor of barn as a single dwellinghouse - Furzedown Farm, Furzedown Road, Kings Somborne, KINGS SOMBORNE

19/02213/LBWS Replacement of steel casement and direct glazed windows with new steel casement windows - 2 Marsh Court Farm, Romsey Road, Stockbridge, KINGS SOMBORNE

19/02225/TREES T1 - Copper Beech - Crown lift above ground level, crown thin by 30%, reduce any over extended branches back by approx 2.5m on eastern side of canopy

T2 - Apple - Remove deadwood only - Manor Farm House, Winchester Road, Kings Somborne, KINGS SOMBORNE

19/02202/FULLS Single storey front extension, to provide additional living space and entrance hall - 159 Rownhams Lane, North Baddesley, SO52 9LU, NORTH BADDESLEY

19/02218/FULLS Extensions and alterations to provide first floor accommodation - 180 Rownhams Lane, North Baddesley, Southampton, NORTH BADDESLEY

19/02214/FULLS Removal of existing conservatory and erection of single storey orangery - 17 Barker Mill Close, Rownhams, Southampton, NURSLING AND ROWNHAMS

19/02027/CLPS Certificate of proposed lawful development for a single storey rear extension - Cramond, 1A Cedar Lawn, Romsey, ROMSEY EXTRA

19/02144/FULLS Change of use of land indicated to B2 - General Industry and B8 - Storage (Restrospective) and erection of polytunnel - Land Adjacent To Brynfyrd, Botley Road, North Baddesley, ROMSEY EXTRA

19/02166/TPOS Works to trees as per schedule received - 16 Peel Close, Romsey, SO51 7UQ, ROMSEY EXTRA

19/02217/FULLS Conversion of integral garage to utility room and bicycle store, new window to utility room and retention of garage door - 24 The Thicket, Romsey, Hampshire, ROMSEY EXTRA

19/02197/FULLS First floor side extension to provide additional living space - 5 Bramble Drive, Romsey, SO51 7RJ, ROMSEY EXTRA

19/02168/FULLS Erection of a single storey extension to provide additional living space (Amended scheme) - 80 Duttons Road, Romsey, SO51 8FR, ROMSEY TOWN

19/02174/TPOS T1 - Oak - Reduce height by upto 1m, reduce lateral growth by upto 2m to reshape and re-balance the crown. Remove all deadwood.

- 33 Horseshoe Drive, Romsey, SO51 7TP, ROMSEY TOWN

19/02196/CLPS Certificate of proposed lawful development for the construction of side walls, installation of new slate roof including rooflights, new doors and windows to existing conservatory - 47 The Harrage, Romsey, Hampshire, ROMSEY TOWN

19/02199/FULLS Two storey rear extension to provide additional living space, erection of single storey timber framed store, insert rooflight and window, and formation of parking area within rear garden (amended scheme 18/03187/FULLS) - 22 Alma Road, Romsey, SO51 8ED, ROMSEY TOWN

19/02212/FULLS Existing rear window to be replaced with new door opening to allow for disabled access with new external ramp. Existing door to rear to be locked off. - 82 The Hundred, Romsey, SO51 8BX, ROMSEY TOWN

19/02193/FULLS Construction of workshop, store and office for ancillary B8 and B2 uses (Amended scheme) - Dunwood Chipping Depot, Salisbury Road, Sherfield English, SHERFIELD ENGLISH

19/02170/FULLS Siting of a residential mobile home for occupation by an essential agricultural worker and installation of septic tank - Land At Dandys Ford Lane, Sherfield English, Romsey, SHERFIELD ENGLISH

19/02119/FULLS Demolition of existing garage and construction of one bed detached building for use as holiday accommodation (Retrospective) - Sun Cottage, Buttons Lane, West Wellow, WELLOW