ROMSEY'S first ever eco gym opened its doors at the weekend.

SO51 Fitness held an event on Friday, September 13 marking the relaunch of their gym, with new eco-friendly equipment.

SO51 Fitness owner, Amy Dutfield, said: "It was an amazing night, I was so over whelmed.

"We must have had more than 80 people with us, probably close to 100.

"There was also a 50/50 split with members and non members, it was good so many of our membership came out to support.

"We also had a few sign up on the night."

Amy organised entertainment outside the gym, as well as loyalty goodie-bags for members.

She said business near the gym stayed open late on the night to support SO51 Fitness.

The new equipment means any energy that is made with cardio machines is recycled into the gym for electricity.

They have purchased SportsArt's Eco Power Line equipment, meaning 74% of the customer's energy is converted into electricity.

The 37-year-old added: "We just had our final update of the software.

"Members will have a leaderboard to show how much energy is being generated.

"Within 30 minutes of testing, we powered one hour of electric fans, three hours of electric blubs and cut 11g of CO2 emissions.

"It is improving our carbon footprint."

You will scan a QR code from your phone, and on a large board it will display how much power you are generating.

She added: "We think an hours average effort should generate about 100watts approximately.

"We will be launching lots of in-house completions using the leaderboard system."

Amy hopes to be 'one step closer' by Christmas and aims to change membership prices depending on how much output you create.

She said the more power you make, the less your membership will be per month.

Amy and her husband, Louis are both living in Romsey with their two children. Amy is a fully qualified fitness instructor, whilst Louis supports the company behind the scenes.

She said: "It is like a little jungle in here, there is green everywhere.

"We even have a pet dragon fly that comes in - animals are loving it."

SO51 Fitness is located in Abbey Park Industrial Estate, Romsey, SO51 9AQ.