STUDENTS at a Romsey school were treated to a day focusing on student leadership.

Prefects at Embley, Embley Park, participated in a variety of workshops to help them examine and understand the techniques of leadership.

The training was delivered by Outposts and helped the sixth form students understand their strengths as well as weaknesses.

They were also educated on communication skills, time-keeping,decision making and goal setting.

One of the most important lessons for the group was looking at school-based scenarios and setting ‘SMART’ objectives for the year.

Their last major practical activity was to work together effectively and build a Trebuchet in a set time.

Joint Head of Sixth Form, Liz Cumpstey, said: "We believe that our prefects should have the relevant training, not only so that they can succeed in their role as prefects at school but also so they are equipped to be the next generation of leaders when they leave school. It was wonderful to see how they work together as a calm, effective and productive team.”

One of the students said: "Every activity helped us discover and develop skills that will make us more effective and diligent prefects. It was so beneficial.”