PUPILS at a Romsey school were treated to a trip to a park and garden to learn about the outdoors.

Children at Romsey Abbey C of E School, Church Lane, put on their best wellies and waterproofs when they visited Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, Jermyns Lane.

The trip was part of the school's annual Curiosity Day, which included children from Reception collecting breakfast for a bird.

Other pupils played a food web game to understand the role of all animals and plants in the food chain.

Headteacher, Mrs Julie-Anne Palfrey, said: “Curiosity is just one of the Habits of Mind themes followed by the school: others are Empathy, Reflection, Resilience. Self-Management, Collaboration and Creativity which all help to give children confidence in all they do.

"Curiosity links well with the hands-on science activities which the Hillier Garden staff provide.

"All the activities relate directly to learning from the National Curriculum for each year group."

She added: "Our day began for the children with Revd. Thomas Wharton, Vicar of Romsey and a Governor at the school, leading the school in outdoor collective worship and the whole school singing of one of our harvest songs led by our music teacher, Mrs Marion Maxey.

"Year 6 considered variation within the oak tree family and Year 4 collected information about the effect of climate change on plants within the Gardens.

"There was lots of learning with a great time too and our thanks to all the parent volunteers who came along – we couldn’t do without them.

"Even the weather was great with blue skies and sunshine for most of the day and even the afternoon’s heavy shower didn’t deter the pupils from getting the most from wonderful outdoor science lab.

"The school is grateful to the Staff and Volunteers at the Hillier Gardens for the care and attention they gave to our visit – we will be back.”

One pupil said: “Finding the pigs in the woods was great. They were asleep when we arrived but they woke up and came over to us -I really liked seeing them."