Over the past few days 70 conservation organisations have launched a new report called State of Nature. In this 100 page publication is a detailed analysis of the current trends facing species and habitats and this is turn provides an indicator of what is to come over the next 10 years. Not surprisingly it makes for very sobering reading.

The challenge with endless bad news is that you and I become increasingly immune to its impacts. The figures are so huge and the challenges so great, that we can collectively feel an overwhelming sense of total inadequacy. Whether it is climate change or the extinction of familiar birds and animals-the impact on us is the same; a belief that we can no longer make a difference.

But that is very far from the truth. We are indeed facing an unprecedented crisis. The climate change data alone is reason to be really concerned about not only the future for wildlife, but also our own existence. And yet slowly but surely we are waking up to the fact that we have to collectively act if we are going to change the current direction of travel. As we head into the shorter days of autumn and winter-it is a chance to take stock and decide on some radical ideas for the new year ahead. But don’t wait till January; let’s take a stand from this Friday and all try to do at least three of the following creative ideas I have heard from Hampshire residents in the past few weeks.

Meat Free Monday: At least once a week (and more if you are able) go vegetarian. No one needs meat and, there is no justification to eat it every day of the week. So go flexitarian and if you love your meat; treat it like a treat!

Travel free Tuesday: Look at going travel free once a week. (Unless it is on foot or by bike). If we have one day where we are contributing precisely zero to carbon emissions from transport-that is good news and yes we can all do it.

Work for wildlife Wednesday: one day each week, do some volunteering for nature. Either with a recognised group or why not start in your back garden…plant a native tree, put up a house martin or swift box, dig a pond.

Thoughts for Thursday: make sure you know what is going on. Read about what is happening in Hampshire or do some reading around issues like climate change, deforestation, single use plastics. Get to know your facts

Fired up Friday: once a week write a letter or phone a company to demand change to packaging, or who they invest with, or how they treat their work force…..but remember to check your facts first

Supermarket Saturday: change your weekly shop and agree to make sure 50% is plastic free, 30% is locally sourced and all tea, coffee, chocolate, milk and cleaning products are organic or eco-friendly.

Special Sunday: And at the end of the week just get out there and enjoy nature! We need to watch that we are not too busy to love wildlife- lets pause every week, get out there and immerse ourselves in our amazing planet!