19/02400/TREES T1 Oak - Reduce canopy back into suitable live growth points. T2 Elm - Remove (dead) - Ampfield Recreation Ground , Winchester Road, Ampfield, AMPFIELD

19/02420/TPOS (904) Reduce beech tree lowering by around 4-6m and reducing remaining lateral branches where needed to shape canopy. Remove major deadwood

(906) Remove major deadwood

(909) Reduce height of larger stem of beech tree removing around 3-4m in height and spread. Remove major deadwood and inspect unions

(911) Remove dead limb overhanging neighbouring property from oak tree on rear boundary.

(913) Fell silver birch on front lawn area by road, cutting to ground level - The Beeches , 26 Straight Mile, Ampfield, AMPFIELD

19/02403/TREES T2 Field Maple - Fell - Land Opposite 8 And 9 Blackthorn Close, Braishfield, Romsey, BRAISHFIELD

19/02419/TREES G1- Fell entire hedge line including hazel stool, hawthorn, holly tree and all conifers. Hedge to be replaced with native mixed species

T1- Crown raise ash tree to around 3.5m from ground level

T2- Two conifers- Fell

T3- Ash- Fell due to extensive rot and decay at base level (Closet ash tree to the poplars) - Whitehaven , Houghton, Stockbridge, HOUGHTON

19/02418/FULLS Erection of two, three bedroom detached dwellings with detached double garages, associated landscaping and sewage treatment plants - Erlcombe , Butts Green, Lockerley, LOCKERLEY

19/02411/FULLS Removal of two conservatories and construction of extension to the rear and side to provide open kitchen/living/dining area; insertion of dormer window in place of rooflight to rear providing head room in bathroom - 1 St Andrews Close, Timsbury, Romsey, MICHELMERSH AND TIMSBURY

19/02409/FULLS Conversion of curtilage listed grade 2 barn to single two bedroom dwelling - Amended scheme - Manor Farm, Mill Lane, Nursling, NURSLING AND ROWNHAMS

19/02410/LBWS Conversion of curtilage listed grade 2 barn to single two bedroom dwelling - Amended scheme - Manor House Farm, Mill Lane, Nursling, NURSLING AND ROWNHAMS

19/02441/FULLS Single storey and first floor extensions to form extended living accommodation, additional bedroom and conversion to form home office/study - Treeside, 8 Bakers Drove, Rownhams, NURSLING AND ROWNHAMS

19/02435/VARS Variation of condition 2 of 17/02779/FULLS (Erection of 2 no. detached dwellings, associated access drive, private amenity and car parking including a replacement garage on land to the rear of Baverstock and Dinton) to substitute approved plans allowing amendments to ground floors and omitting chimneys - Land To Rear Of Baverstock And Dinton, Rownhams Lane, Rownhams, NURSLING AND ROWNHAMS

19/02209/FULLS Fit garage doors to the existing garage. - 2 Roke Manor Farm Cottages , Old Salisbury Lane, Awbridge, ROMSEY EXTRA

19/02273/FULLS Retrospective application for erection of shed, terracing of part of the garden, construction of a low-level brick retaining wall pertaining to the terracing, levelling of a section of lawn, construction of a raised flower bed to the north-east side of garden using solid-oak retaining beams, increasing the patio area adjacent to the house, and laying of a "sun-trap" patio area to the north-west part of garden - 17 Baroona Close, Romsey, Hampshire, ROMSEY EXTRA

19/02406/FULLS Conversion of garage to living area and utility room - 37 Jenner Way, Romsey, Hampshire, ROMSEY TOWN

19/02436/TPOS works to trees as per schedule received - Land To The Rear Of 'Ross' And 'Rodmore', Winchester Road, Romsey. On The Boundary Of 8 Ashley Meadows, Romsey, SO51 7LT, ROMSEY TOWN

19/02395/FULLS Change of use to garden, rooflight and hardstanding (retrospective) - Bushymoor , Dandys Ford Lane, Sherfield English, SHERFIELD ENGLISH

19/02396/FULLS Erection of barn - Bushymoor , Dandys Ford Lane, Sherfield English, SHERFIELD ENGLISH

19/02426/TPOS T1 Oak - Crown reduce by up to 2.5m and crown lift to fort

T2 Scotts Pine - Crown reduce by up to 4m - Spinney House , Little Wood, West Wellow, WELLOW