OVER one million pounds are set to be pumped into schools across Test Valley next year.

Primary and secondary schools in Romsey and across Test Valley will receive approximately £1,190,932 - an increase of 4.07 percent on the current academic year.

The government announced how much funding has been allocated to schools using the National Funding Formula (NFF) for 2020-21.

This news comes as earlier this year the Prime Minister announced a £14 billion boost to schools across the country between now and 2022-23.

In what has been described as the "biggest funding boost in over a decade" by the Department for Education, the cash injection will include £2.6 billion for 2020-21, followed by £4.8 billion for 2021-22 and £7.1 billion for 2022-23, compared to 2019-20.

This is in addition to the £1.5 billion per year the government will continue to provide to fund additional pension costs for teachers over the next three years.

Now 18 schools in the borough have discovered how much they will receive from the financial boost.

MP for Romsey and Southampton North, Caroline Nokes, said: "“It is hugely encouraging to hear the news that schools in my constituency will benefit from an additional £1m in the next academic year.

"Increased funding for local schools, particularly in rural areas, is absolutely essential to maintaining their viability and I hope to see continued increases in the years ahead."

Cllr Janet Burnage, who represents Romsey Cupernham on the borough council, said: "It is pretty significant and I think it is marvellous they are putting money into education.

"It is wonderful if they can release the funds and it can only be a good thing for the future generation; anything that can improve the standards of education is positive because at the moment schools are lacking funding."

Executive headteacher for Halterworth Community Primary School, Wellow School and Awbridge Primary School, Jo Cottrell, said: "Of course headteachers will welcome any new funding, however there have been significant cuts in education in previous years and I don't think this funding is going to close the gap.

"The teacher pay increase we are likely to receive is only an average of 0.75 percent because we have to put two percent in our budget anyway."

However, Cllr Alan Dowden, who represents Valley Park on the borough council, said: "I am sure the schools appreciate anymore money they are given, but we have to put this into context with what has happened in schools in the past few years.

"Spending on schools and colleges has dropped from £95.5 billion in 2011-12 to £87.8 billion last year so of course they need to give more money, because schools are still suffering and this one million needs to be £5 million at least."

Cllr Roz Chadd, Hampshire County Council executive member for education and skills, said: “We welcome the additional funding for Hampshire schools but are clear that, at this stage, the figures are indicative and subject to change in the light of updated pupil data.

"The money for high needs is also very welcome but we anticipate that this will only assist with the accrued deficits and will not meet current and future rising demands.

“Up until now we have aligned to the National Funding Formula as far as possible. However, we do have some concerns about the use of the minimum pupil levels as a method for calculating allocations and the impact of the pay pledge to increase the starting salary of teachers to £30,000."

He added: "We will be contributing our view through the Department for Education’s consultation and discussing the issues with Schools Forum which is the representative group for headteachers that guides our decisions.”

Here is the list for funding for Romsey and the surrounding area schools in 2020-21 (percentage change on money received for 2019-20).

Ampfield Church of England Primary School £409,437 (9.08%)

Awbridge Primary School £632,254 (3.08%)

Braishfield Primary School £482,782 (3.75%)

Cupernham Infant School £988,055 (6.18%)

Cupernham Junior School £1,343,526 (5.70%)

Halterworth Community Primary School £1,689,564 (0.05%)

Knightwood Primary School £1,611,261 (2.71%)

North Baddesley Infant School Primary £941,006 (3.03%)

North Baddesley Junior School £1,070,229 (8.91%)

Nursling Church of England Primary School £751,241 (-4.47%)

Romsey Abbey Church of England Primary School £768,810 (-2.03%)

Romsey Primary School £956,283 (15.28%)

St Francis Church of England Primary School £1,642,560 (1.85%)

Stockbridge Primary School £549,846 (4.15%)

Test Valley School £2,838,664 (-0.5%)

The Mountbatten School £7,120,000 (4.68%)

The Romsey School £5,900,000 (6.51%)

Wellow School £770,781 (5.41%)