A STRAY email led to Romsey Men's Shed meeting another Romsey Men's Shed 10,000 miles away in Australia.

A member of Romsey Men's Shed, Hugh Griffiths, told the Australian committee members he was due to fly out to Victoria, Australia after an accidental email led to them getting in touch.

Earlier this year, a donor in Romsey, Victoria wanted to donate some tools and items from an estate to the Romsey Men’s Shed, Australia but an email was sent to Romsey Men’s Shed UK offering the donation.

After a quick internet search, Hugh Griffiths quickly realised that the email had been sent to the “wrong” Romsey Men’s Shed.

He made the effort to find the Romsey Men’s Shed in Victoria and redirect the email to the intended recipients, who ultimately made contact with the donor, explained the mix-up and obtained some of the items for the shed.

Hugh, along with a few members from Romsey Men's Shed, Australia got together 10,000 miles away on October 22 and discussed the idea of setting up a reciprocal “brother shed” arrangement between the two groups.

Romsey Men's Shed (Australia) Secretary, Patrick Holt, discussed the Brother Shed idea and said: "It is hoped that the sheds can share ideas and mutually productive ideas for growth and support of members, as well as their respective communities."

Romsey Men's Shed (UK) Chairman, Malcolm Kaill, said: "Romsey Men’s Shed is really excited to make friends with our fellow shedders in Romsey, Victoria, and look forward to having many more links in the coming years."

Hugh met with Steve Goodman, president of the Australian shed, along with fellow committee members, Paul Green and Tony Allen.

They all discussed the journey of the Romsey Men's Sheds, along with both of their plans for extension.

The UK and Australian shed groups are members of the international Men’s Shed movement with the mission to provide a safe and supportive environment to promote men’s mental and physical well-being.