19/02311/FULLS Retention of temporary road with associated drainage - Land South Of M27 And North Of Paulet Lacave Avenue, Nursling, Hampshire, NURSLING AND ROWNHAMS

19/02415/FULLS Erection of 2 storey side extension to to provide entrance hallway, study and w.c with bedroom and en-suite over - Silver Lea , New Road, Timsbury, MICHELMERSH AND TIMSBURY

19/02450/VARS Variation of condition 2 and 7 of 18/00567/FULLS (Erection of two bedroom dwelling) to substitute approved plans to amend placement of dwelling and approve landscaping. Remove condition 4 regarding tree protection - 7A Lansdowne Gardens, Romsey, Hampshire, ROMSEY TOWN

19/02425/FULLS Construction of 1 bedroom timber outbuilding with bathroom, kitchenette and integral store to be used as ancillary accommodation - 60 Middle Road, North Baddesley, SO52 9JE, NORTH BADDESLEY

19/02484/FULLS Conversion of barn to 3 dwellings and installation of package treatment plant - Manor Farm Barn 2, Manor House Farm, Mill Lane, NURSLING AND ROWNHAMS

19/02488/LBWS Conversion of barn to 3 dwellings - Manor Farm Barn 2, Manor House Farm, Mill Lane, NURSLING AND ROWNHAMS

19/02516/FULLS Extension of dropped kerb - 66 Winchester Road, Romsey, Hampshire, ROMSEY TOWN

19/02524/RESS Approval of appearance, layout, scale and associated landscaping of a new light industrial building pursuant to 19/00786/VARS - Land At Adanac Park , Nursling Street, Nursling, NURSLING AND ROWNHAMS

19/02533/TPOS Oak Tree - Reduce crown by 2m; Oak Tree - Reduce Crown by 1m; sever climbing plants - Wicklow Drive Playground, Wicklow Drive, Chandlers Ford, VALLEY PARK

19/02540/TPOS T1 Oak (2908) - Reduce back lowest limb over garden by up to 1 metre to reduce overhang, sever ivy, remove major deadwood. Tree works due to health and safety - Public Space Adjacent 25 Fairbairn Walk, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, VALLEY PARK

19/02535/TREES Carry out tree works in accordance details provided - Corner Cottage , Houghton, Stockbridge, HOUGHTON

19/02542/TPOS Tree works as per schedule - Dasic International, Winchester Hill Business Park, Winchester Hill, ROMSEY TOWN

19/02548/FULLS Demolition of existing and erection of replacement garage - 4 Winstone Crescent, North Baddesley, SO52 9LS, NORTH BADDESLEY

19/02550/TPOS T1 Pine - Fell, T2 Cherry - Prune 2m - The Ridgeway, 22 Hadrian Way, Chilworth, CHILWORTH

19/02554/TREES Cherry Tree – Fell; Pine Tree - Fell - The Parsonage, Rectory Lane, Broughton, BROUGHTON

19/02557/TPOS Fell all ash trees in rear garden and 1 x ash tree on the drive due to showing symptoms of hymenoscyphus fraxinews - 22 Peel Close, Romsey, Hampshire, ROMSEY EXTRA

19/02560/FULLS Two storey side extension to form extended and reconfigured living accommodation to include external alterations to door and windows - 20 Jacobs Close, Romsey, SO51 5UZ, ROMSEY TOWN

19/02562/TREES T1 - Beech Hedge - reduce height between 0.6m - 0.9m, T2 - Conifer - clear chimney by 2m - Manor Farm House, Winchester Road, Kings Somborne, KINGS SOMBORNE

19/02563/FULLS Single storey rear extension to provide kitchen with canopy roof to rear and side elevations - 21 Kinver Close, Romsey, SO51 7JW, ROMSEY TOWN

19/02568/TPOS T1 - Tulip Tree- Crown reduce up to 1 - 1.5m with clearance as stated on application form and crown raise up to 2m. T2 - Oak Tree - Reduce the height of the tree up to 1 - 1.5 meters clearance as stated on application form. - 15 Upper Crescent Road, North Baddesley, SO52 9JQ, NORTH BADDESLEY