A ROMSEY mother found hanging in her home had taken her own life, an inquest heard.

Caron Finch, 54 of Pine Road, was discovered on June 20 by her husband Roy Finch.

Winchester Coroner’s Court was told that Caron had a history of mental illness.

It was heard that police officers were called to the house around 6.02am, but Caron was pronounced dead at the scene.

Senior coroner Grahame Short said Caron had left notes to her family.

He said: “She left a series of notes to her husband and children, all of which make clear that this was a planned act and she intended to end her life.

“Caron was not working and she seemed to have a problem for part of the time with excess alcohol consumption.

“I do not believe that would have helped her mental state, as alcohol is a depressant.”

Mr Finch said: “Not long after we met she had mental health difficulties; she kept it all to herself and bottled it up.

“Things got worse over time and she would generally drink wine, gin or vodka. At one stage she hid the bottles.

“She also spoke about running away.”

Mr Short added: “Caron lived with her husband and had been prescribed anti-depressants in the past, but at the time of her death she was not actively taking any medication.

“It is clear to me that Caron was leading a life without support from anyone, therefore she was dwelling on her situation and considering her future.

“This is a very sad story for all of those involved.”

Mr Short recorded a conclusion of death by suicide.

For further information, help, and guidance on suicide, please visit: samaritans.org