A ROMSEY 'eco gym' is expanding to a "bigger and better" unit to work closely with another environmentally-friendly store.

SO51 Fitness recently turned ‘green’ by unveiling new eco-friendly equipment, now, they are moving units next to Lemon and Jinja, to work together.

Lemon and Jinja are a environmentally-friendly shop who offer liquid refills and refill stations to stop the use of single-use plastic.

Amy Dutfield, owner of SO51 Fitness, said: "I’m moving the gym to a bigger and better unit, next door to Lemon & Jinja so we can work closer together and on some joint initiatives.

"They are expanding to take Unit 19 and still keeping 20 and I’m going to be in Unit 21 from December 1.

"It will be like an eco-row of stores."

Jess Dugdale, owner of Lemon and Jinja, said: "We are so excited to be not only neighbours with the eco-powered gym, but also working with them to create a more green and sustainable environment.

"It's great to see the green movement, not only with the move against plastics, but also in another field, through reducing your energy usage."

This comes as Amy Dutfield is hoping to slash your membership price the more you use the gym.

She said: “A new pricing structure is scheduled to roll out from December 1 where members will be rewarded for creating green energy.

“It is hoped that the cost of their membership will be based on their output."

They purchased SportsArt’s Eco Power Line equipment, meaning 74 percent of the customer’s energy is converted into electricity.

The more you use the running machines, cross trainers and rowing machines, the more bulbs, fans and electric you power.

You can also scan a QR code from your phone, and on a large board it will display how much power you are generating.