Residents say somebody will be killed as a lorry overturned yet again in Romsey when it struck with a low railway bridge.

The town was brought to a standstill on Monday when a Seafast lorry hit the bridge on Greatbridge Road, Romsey - which was blocked in both directions.

Motorists were left queueing while workers from RD Avery recovered the vehicle with the road finally cleared at around 4pm, four hours after the crash took place.

Matt Smith, who works nearby on Greatbridge Road, said: “It is a joke, it seems to be every six months. There is no excuses, and it disturbs all the trains – they now need someone to test the line.”

John Funnell, a resident of Lansdowne Close, which is near the crash said: "Somebody is going to be killed – kids walk along that path to school. They should not be allowed to get away with it.”

According to John, the lorry drivers should be prosecuted them and should be held accountable.

Councillor Mark Cooper, who represents the Tadburn ward, has tried to get something done about the bridge before.

He said: "It is depressing lorries still hit the bridge. It is clearly marked.

"I have asked the council on a number of occasions to to reinforce the signage.

"I would say the signs are not adequate and they need to be better.

"I hope Hampshire Constabulary will prosecute the driver for driving without due care."

Cllr Cooper previously said that a suspended chain across the road from one end of the bridge to the other would be another solution so that if lorries do hit the top of the bridge, drivers would be alerted by the noise and stop before getting stuck.

Another resident who was at the scene said: “I am sure it happens a few times a year. I do not think the signs and flashing lights do anything. Something needs to be done.”

A police spokesperson said: “We were called at 12.43pm.

“A lorry is on its side after striking a railway bridge.

“Network Rail and BTP have been informed. There were no injuries.”

Seafast were approached but declined to comment.

As previously reported, a few years ago residents were demanding action after another lorry got stuck under the bridge.

Back then they said they had witnessed at least 18 such incidents at the spot over the past ten years.