A temporary road has been built on grassland just south of the M27 and north of Paulet Lacave Avenue in Nursling. It was needed as part of the nearby bridge improvement works over the M27. Soon it will no longer be needed to support the bridge works. However an application has been submitted to Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) to “retain the temporary road with associated drainage.� The question being asked by those living in the area is “why?� Some residents in nearby Lukin Drive are very concerned. Is the road going to be used to support some environmentally damaging new building development? No local person seems to know but many are concerned that it might.

The local Labour Parliamentary Candidate, Claire Ransom shares those concerns and has written to TVBC to register her objection to the retention of the existing temporary road. Claire has stated in her submission. “If this road is left in place it restricts developing the local natural environment in ways which would help with the absorption of pollutants and carbon emissions. “….it is unlikely to offer a healthy place to live or work with being so close to a polluting motorway, with periods of stationary traffic with running engines.� The health of the local population and ways of reducing climate change should be prioritised. “Lastly, there do not seem to be firm assurances offered, in this proposal from Geoffrey Osborne Limited, that the land around this temporary road will not see further building or development. This is of deep concern to local residents.�

Claire said “The road does not support the local economy, as the planning statement attempts to make out. It would only support Geoffrey Osborne Ltd’s private economy, not the economy of the local population and public funds generally.�

Philip Griffiths,

Lawes Walk,