A HAMPSHIRE MP has hit out at a housing company who have warned Romsey residents they face fines if they do not remove their Christmas decorations.

Aster Group, a housing company, stuck post-it notes on two decorations and a door mat at Normandy House, Chambers Avenue, Romsey last week.

The notes read: “Please remove this item in seven days or we will remove and recharge.”

Aster believe that the decorations in the hall way are a fire hazard.

Also, more than 2,000 homes in Southampton have been banned from hanging Christmas wreaths.

The ban was introduced by Radian Housing, who provide 2,800 homes in the city, as the decoration could “continue the spread of fire”.

Now, Romsey and Southampton North MP, Caroline Nokes, has hit out at the company as the "likelihood of a Christmas wreath-related disaster is fairly low".

Ms Nokes said: “I have taken this up with Aster on behalf of the residents concerned and received a rapid response from a senior manager, explaining that this policy is for fire safety.

"It goes without saying that Aster are absolutely right to be concerned for the safety of their tenants and having been one of the ministers responsible for responding to the terrible tragedy at Grenfell I know how crucial it is to have the right policies in place.

"However, whilst not an expert on fire safety I do feel, as a layperson, that the likelihood of a Christmas wreath-related disaster is fairly low and they would, of course, be removed very soon after the festive period.

"I have asked Aster to review this policy again and hope perhaps they might take a gentler approach to working with residents on such issues in the future – particularly during the Christmas season.”

When previously asked how much residents would be fined, a spokesperson from Aster Group said: "Should we need to revisit blocks we would have to charge a small fee which would be included in the service charges for the block for 19/20.

"This will vary depending on the size and number of items removed."

Aster Group also declined to comment on how many residents this ban has affected.