ROMSEY residents got together to discuss plans to transform the area south of the town centre.

The Romsey citizens’ assembly heard evidence from experts in town centre regeneration, planning, environmental issues and public health as well as views from local stakeholders and examples from other towns over two weekends in November.

The assembly concluded with the 42 members voting on a number of recommendations to transform the south of the town centre, which includes the area around Crosfield Hall and the bus station.

The report outlining the recommendations will be presented to the council’s cabinet at a special meeting in January as well as the Romsey Future partnership by some of the members of the citizens’ assembly.

Chair of Romsey Future and deputy leader of Test Valley Borough Council, councillor Nick Adams-King, said: “It has been brilliant to witness the power of the citizens’ assembly process.

"By bringing together 42 public representatives and providing them with key facts, figures and evidence, they have developed a set of well-rounded, clear, ambitious and achievable recommendations to help shape the masterplan as part of the redevelopment of the south of the town centre.

“I look forward to meeting with the council’s cabinet in January when the citizens’ assembly members will present their proposals for the first time.

“I would like to thank everyone involved in the process for their hard work.”

Some of the recommendations in the report include: "Making Romsey an attractive, vibrant town, including green spaces and wildlife corridors.

"Improved transport infrastructure to encourage a sense of community – with viable options for moving around

"Lots of things to attract people into the town centre that are affordable and accessible for all which everyone living in Romsey knows about and can take part in.

"In Romsey there will be more green spaces."

It added: "Design the transport and parking with an integrated plan that includes walking, cycling, public transport and cars and think about all the different kinds of people coming into the town."

Test Valley Borough Council was awarded £60,000 plus expert support to run the citizens' assembly as part of the government’s Innovation in Democracy Programme.