A TEST Valley cafe owner has had to fork out hundreds of pounds after a window was smashed to pieces by vandals.

Owner of The Kitchen Cafe, James Boden, discovered his cafe in Sandy Lane, Braishfield, had been burgled after spotting shards of glass scattered on the floor.

It is believed the damage may have been caused by yobs brandishing a hammer and a chisel.

James, from Braishfield, said: "The total damage is around £400 because we have to replace the cash draw, the window and the printer next to the till which was damaged after they ripped the cash draw out.

"They did leave some evidence because a hammer was left behind and there was a footprint left on the cushion which they would have stepped on after getting through the window.

"They also tried to break through the front door with a chisel so it was probably youngsters who did it, as this was an amateur's job."

The 36-year-old from Braishfield added: "The cafe was a bit of a mess when I got in at half seven and it set our day back because we had to open at 10am instead of 9am.

"Our staff were upset and one of them was quite shocked after they found out this happened, but nobody was hurt and that is the main thing.

"I think they were originally targetting the shop next door to us, Southern Water Scape, who sell fish food and at the moment Christmas trees; I think they thought our cafe would be a bonus."

When asked how the burglary has affected the business, James said they have had to "turn away two customers who did not have cards", because they use an "iPad till system which is linked to the cash draw", which was ripped out.

He said: "It is disappointing for the customers and most of them think it is terrible this has happened.

"We should be back up and running with the till draw on Saturday, December 14 and this is the first time we have been burgled."

James added they will be "looking" into getting CCTV for the cafe.

A spokesperson for Hampshire police said: "We were called with a report of a burglary at The Kitchen Cafe in Romsey.

"Entry was forced to the property and money stolen.

"Anyone with information should call 101, quoting reference 44190446040."

The burglary happened on Thursday, December 12, and it is not known how much money was stolen.