A GROUP of Romsey residents have got together to create an appeal for an elderly lady who was a victim of theft in the town centre.

An appeal has been launched for an 85-year-old woman was victim of a distraction theft.

The elderly lady was approached by a woman who claimed to be deaf and asked for a donation to charity.

The victim agreed, filled out a form that the woman had, and gave a donation - the woman then hugged the victim before walking away.

It was later found that around £250 in cash had been taken from the victim's handbag.

Now, a handful of people want to give back and find the lady who was thieved in broad daylight.

Emma Bessey, who was the first brain behind the idea, said: "It is such a vile thing to do to somebody in my home town.

"I just wanted to do something and get together as a community to help one another.

"My auntie is also thinking about setting up a GoFundMe page."

Another resident who wants to help, Cheryl Kingston, said: "I just think it is horrific.

"She has probably withdrawn all of that money to do Christmas shopping and decided to help somebody else this time of year and then that happens to her. "She was kind enough to help someone else, so we can try and at least get her money back for her - to show people do care.

"She genuinely believed this person to give her money, now she is probably frightened to speak to anyone or trust anyone outside."

If you have any information on the 85-year-old Romsey resident who had her money stolen, whether that be family, friends or you, could you email news@romseyadvertiser.co.uk or adam.nixon@romseyadvertiser.co.uk or call 023 8042 4477 or message the Romsey Advertiser Facebook page.