A ROMSEY football club has been slammed in a damning report after health inspectors found "grimy" kitchen equipment.

A report from the Food Standards Agency, who inspected Romsey Town Football Club, Bypass Ground, said a "major improvement" was necessary and gave it a food hygiene rating of 1 out of 5.

Inspectors, who worked with Test Valley Borough Council, discovered the football club's frying unit, chest freezers, refrigerator seals and air circulatory fan units were "grimy and not clean".

The officer who carried out the inspection wrote in the report: "The standard of cleaning to the rear of equipment and front surfaces of units was generally poor, with an accumulation of debris and detritus; surfaces were greasy to the touch."

Inspectors revealed the football club's staff were not regularly checking the food to ensure it was cooked thoroughly.

The report said: "Although no food was being handled or prepared at the time of the visit, I was not satisfied that adequate cooking procedures were in place to ensure food is being thoroughly cooked from frozen in that its core temperature should reach 75oC for 30 seconds."

Officers found there was no sign visible to customers alerting them to allergens in the food being sold.

They wrote: "You are required to examine all the individual ingredients of food provided by the club which are sold 'loose', for example burgers, sausage rolls, cheese and curries that you offer."

They added it is "critical" the football club follow this requirement otherwise it could result in "cross contamination".

Inspectors also noted the club did not have a copy of their food safety documents and they could not find any staff training records.

They said: "There were no daily records of when food was being produced and by who and no opening and closing checks which I could not determine what you were checking against."

Following the inspection, the Environmental Health officers stressed Romsey Town Football Club must have a "thorough deep clean and disinfection in all areas where food is prepared or stored".

They advised the club needs to provide clear information and instructions for cooking, cooling and reheating food.

Romsey Town Football Club has been contacted for comment.

The inspection took place on November 23.