NINE new jobs could be created at a nursing home in Romsey if a planning application is given the green light this month.

Plans have been submitted to Test Valley Borough Council to build an extra 32 bedrooms for Marie Louise House, Newton Lane.

If the the application, submitted by Healthcare Management Trust, is approved the nursing home would boast a total of 74 bedrooms and 14 more car parking spaces.

Cllr Dorothy Baverstock, who represents Romsey Cupernham on the borough council, said: "I am totally for the extension and we know that Marie Louise House has got a really good reputation, but my biggest worry is the car parking.

"The extension creates more jobs, which is brilliant, but the one thing people do not always take into consideration is car parking and that is a real problem, especially as this is in the centre of town.

"I think the biggest problem is workers generally park at the back of the Romsey Rapids, but it is quite a long walk from there to Marie Louise House and that is going to be awfully expensive if they park in places like Crosfield Hall, especially if they're on a daytime shift."

She added: "The all day parking at the back of Waitrose is always full as well and that is going to be a big chunk out of their wages.

"It is not only more staff members who need to park, but it will mean more visitors to see the residents."

Cllr Nik Daas, who represents Romsey Abbey on the borough council, said: "I think it is going to be good that there is going to be extra amenities for the town in terms of car parking spaces, which I think is really useful.

"The extra bedrooms will also provide really good jobs for people to do and that sector is always growing and is always needed."

Healthcare Management Trust has been contacted for comment.

The application is due to be decided by Test Valley Borough Council on March, 24.