A DAREDEVIL pensioner from Romsey has raised over one thousand pounds ahead of his charity skydive next month.

Robert Hambling, who lives in St Blaize Road, raked in £1,515 in aid of the Alzheimer's Society before his leap of faith on Thursday, February 15.

The 89-year-old will be doing the skydive at Old Sarum Airfield, Lancaster Road, Old Sarum, just two days after his 90th birthday.

Robert said: "It was my son's idea, who is also called Robert, and he thought it would be a good idea to do a jump out of an aeroplane.

"I also thought if I have to do this I would raise £1,000 for a charity and I hope to raise £2,000 before the day for the Alzheimer's Society.

"My bother-in-law, ex-wife and some other people I know have had this problem and it is one of those diseases which is terrible.

"You find when it is in your own family it is even more poignant, so that is why I decided to donate to them.

"Hopefully they will have an answer to this disease one day."

He added: "I am looking forward to the skydive and my niece sent me an email saying 'we love you uncle Bob, but we think you're a lunatic'.

"I am well-known as a Steward and Sidesman at Romsey Abbey and I go to the Romsey Rapids five days a week to go swimming; people there have been very generous, so I am amazed at how much I've raised.

"When I was 80-years-old I swam a mile, but since then I had prostate cancer so I am surviving."

Robert will be arriving at the airfield at 8am and stressed he hopes the weather will not force the flight to be cancelled.

To donate to Robert's skydive, follow https://justgiving.com/fundraising/robert-hambling.