A NEW five-star cat hotel featuring gourmet menus and grooming services to music is coming to a Hampshire village.

Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Group have 21 cat hotels in the UK and will now add to their collection in Lockerley.

The feline-friendly facilities include designer cat beds in individual decorated bedroom suites, gourmet menus and grooming services to a choice of music, spa treatments and a mini bar.

It will have seven cat suites which could home up to one or two cats each.

Abi Purser, director of Longcroft, said: "We had to amend the plans as different councils have different policies but we got there in the end and they are happy to have us and we are very excited.

"We make sure we use our expert approach to keep the cats healthy and comfortable, for example we make sure the hotel stays above 20 degrees to keep the cats warm.

"We have bigger rooms than any other cattery and we let them wonder outside to watch the birds and breathe fresh air."

If you want to pamper your cats in Lockerley, it will cost around £18 per night for one cat or £27 for two.

You can spoil your feline-friends with a spa treatment including an eye cleanse, paw massage, coat condition spritz and more for £35 to £45.

The mini-bar and meal prices will start at £3.50 which includes salmon, chicken and prawns.

Abi said a lot of people are scared to leave their cats who need a lot of care with anyone, so Longcroft Hotel have the facilities look after any cat with any condition.

So whether your feline friend is a kitten, senior cat, pedigree or rescue with special diets or medication then they are welcome to stay at the boutique hotel.

It is also promised to boost the community and welcome a number of jobs.

The site will sit New Barn Farm House, Pains Hill, Lockerley and will include a partial demolition of an unused stable block and the erection of a building to accommodate a small cat hotel.

The farm is home to Georgie and Chris Darke and they will be managers of the cat facility.

Chris is a small animal vet and both owners will be there to give around the clock care to their feline guests.

Currently, the nearest hotel to the Romsey and Southampton area is Liphook - making this the first of its kind in the region.

Abi said she hopes the cat hotel will open around Easter, despite building work not having started yet.