I grew up in Romsey and have returned to see my parents and opened the Romsey advertiser for the first time in some 20 years. On page 5 Wellow Golf Club and then page 7 Romsey Town football club both getting poor hygiene ratings. Then a letter to the Editor complaining about the food hygiene report.

It’s quite simple, if you are looking to sell food you have to have clean premises and train your staff correctly. If they are paid of work or a volunteer basis makes no difference.

You run a business such as a football club or golf club then you must take responsibility for your customers and the food they buy from you. Clean premises, correct storage, handling and cooking of food is essential.

My advice to Romsey Football club if you sell your food at a slightly increased price then you can afford to pay the staff and train them accordingly.

To the Golf Club, have daily and weekly cleaning schedule in place that is checked and signed off by the manager on duty. It’s not difficult, will hardly affect your profitability and can easily restore the faith of your customers.

Good luck,

Tim Bartleet

Blue Egg Catering

Smarden, Kent

(Trained as a Caterer at Southampton Technical College)