PLANS for a gypsy pitch to be used for three years could be given the green light by Test Valley Borough Council.

If approved, the applicant would be able to temporarily use the land east of Rownhams Lane and south of Bracken Road, North Baddesley.

The planning application looks to create a new access point from Bracken Road and would mean two car parking spaces, including one space for light good vehicles, would be created.

Cllr Celia Dowden, who represents North Baddesley on the borough council, said: "I am concerned about the planning application because there has been such a lot of activity on this land that has caused concern amongst residents.

"This is the countryside so nobody wants that to disappear.

"I know that it probably would be something that would not sit comfortably with the immediate residents and the thing that could be most difficult for the applicant is the nitrate situation, so it is not likely to be resolved quickly."

She added: "I think from a safety angle they have chosen the access point going from Bracken Road because Rownhams Lane is so busy and the highways officer has said it does not seem to be a problem, but they would need more information about visibility.

"The piece of land is recreational and if they put the access point next to the last house then I imagine that would be acceptable.

"The applicant also has to provide evidence they are gypsies and they have a link with the area, which they do as the applicant has a child at a North Baddesley school."

The agent who is representing the applicant, Stephen Jupp MRTPI, said in a letter to Test Valley Borough Council: "He is both a gypsy by birth and by ay of life, as he travels for work.

"He has found living two days of the week in bricks and mortar difficult and that fact that this reduces his ability to travel has made things much worse, with his children being unable to stay with him.

"He therefore needs to urgently find a permanent base for his children and have somewhere to store his touring caravan."

The application is sue to be decided by Test Valley Borough Council on March 12.