A ROMSEY couple celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary this weekend and say "sharing everything" is their secret.

Michael and Margaret Steele celebrated their 60 year feat on Saturday, January 25.

The diamond couple, who live in Romsey, celebrated the day with family and friends and enjoying a meal at a pub.

Michael, 83, is from Horsell, Woking and his dearest Margaret, 81, is from Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

The happy couple got married in St John's Church, Kenilworth in 1960.

Michael then was deployed by the RAF and continued his services in the forces before retiring in his 50s.

They both lived in his parent's house in Horsell, Woking before moving Maybury, Woking when they got their own place.

Margaret started working in laundry, and following some unfortunate events of losing her father when she was 11 and mum was not very well, she became the breadwinner to her siblings.

Speaking about Margaret, Michael said: "When I asked to marry her, she said 'no because you are well educated and I am not', so I said 'we will cross that bridge when it comes to it'."

"Everybody loves her, she is absolutely lovely."

The couple also have two twin daughters, Hazel and Julie, who are 55.

The pair moved to Romsey in 2014, Margaret described the town as "lovely".

When asked about their secret to a long marriage, Michael said: "I think it is just sharing everything alike, I suppose we have never had any major incidents in 60 years.

"Well, the first three years, she didn't see much of me. On the Monday after her birthday, I was deployed to Cyprus for a year then returned for a Christmas break.

"After that, I was then deployed to North Africa so for the best part of three years I didn't see her."

When Michael retired early, they both spent their life together by travelling and living life to their fullest.

He added: "We have been very lucky though and have had a great time."