AN ICONIC war memorial statue has been vandalised in Romsey.

The War Horse statue in the War Memorial Park, Romsey has had its paint and reigns damaged, leaving residents furious.

The statue, which was unveiled by Princess Anne, has been standing in the park since 2015.

Plans to put in a security camera to monitor the horse is now being discussed between Romsey Town Council and Test Valley Borough Council.

Councillor Dorothy Baverstock, who worked closely with the installation of the war horse, said she is "absolutely devastated".

She said: "I am absolutely devastated by it, I am the chair of the committee for the horse - we do have occasional damage but not like this.

"There is no reason why people should damage the war horse, everybody loves it. Not just Romsey residents either."

The Romsey Cupernham councillor added: "It is a memorial to the horses who died in the First World War, that is the bit that gets me."

This is the second time in three months the war horse has been damaged.

In order to fix the statue, the original builders from Nottingham need to have three dry days in a row for it to set.

Romsey Town Council Chief Officer, Judith Giles, is the leader of the committee who installed the war horse.

She said: "As the chief officer, I plan to install a camera to record any vandalism and also act as a deterrent for future damage to the memorial.

"The town council will be working with Test Valley Borough Council, who own the park."

"Because it was paid for by money donated by the people, and it was targeted on purpose, I think that is the most upsetting part about the whole thing."

Judith added: "I spoke to the person who designed the war horse, and she said they have had to had really gone for it to cause that sort of damage."

Both Cllr Baverstock and Chief Officer Judith Giles would like to monitor vandalism on the war horse, if you happen to see future vandalism or have any information on the horse damage, call Dorothy on 01794517552 or call the town council on 01794512837.