PLANS to build a house next to an existing property in Test Valley have been given the green light this week.

A planning application was submitted to Test Valley Borough Council to build a four bedroom house in Salisbury Road, Shootash, and create a new access point onto the road.

The home will now boast six new car parking spaces and the current property, formerly a restaurant called Blue Hayes, is set to be converted into a five bedroom home.

Cllr Alan Dowden, who represents Valley Park on the borough council, said: "The application was approved and there was not any significant objection because the proposed property did not take anything away from Blue Hayes itself.

"There were no objections to the current property either, as it was well surrounded with trees, so I think it was a good decision.

"The application was already recommended for approval anyway and they are going to plant some additional trees there, so the neighbour who objected to the application will not be able to see it."

Trudy Kingdon McCann, who lives in Salisbury Road, previously objected to the proposed plans, submitted by Trusty Tufty Ltd, as she claimed the design of the new house resembled a "block of flats".

She said: "The second home is too far forward on the plot and in view from my frontage and the design of the new dwelling is not at all in keeping with the area.

"I live next door; my property is a lovely quaint thatched cottage next door to the Blue Hayes, which is also a thatched property and the new design is flat roof and has no character.

"It insults the beauty of the thatched cottages."

She added: "I have advised Mark Moore that I thought the design was awful and the style chosen looks more like a block of flats.

"I don't mind a second dwelling being built, but didn't want it to downgrade the current majestic beauty of my thatched cottage."

The planning application was approved on Tuesday, January 28 at Crosfield Hall, Broadwater Road, Romsey.

A spokesperson from Atlas Planning Group, the agent for the plans, said: "We’re delighted by the result, with the application gaining unanimous support by the members of the committee.

"This will be an effective, sustainable use of the former restaurant and its grounds, which will provide two high quality new homes for the area."