TWO scammers have been knocking on doors in a Hampshire village selling "fake" garden furniture.

Councillor Nick Adams-King, a resident of Stanbridge Lane, Awbridge had one suspicious man driving an "un-taxed" Ford Transit van knock on his door, claiming to be from Manor Farm Nurseries in Cranleigh.

Previously, a resident called the garden centre and the manager said the man was nothing to do with them and that they had had previous calls from angry customers awaiting deliveries of pre paid furniture orders.

Cllr Adams-King said he also had another man appear at his door, a day later, claiming to be from "Fulham Nurseries London" who do not appear to exist online.

He said the man tried selling teak garden furniture, while driving a white van which is neither taxed nor MOT’d according to the DVLA website.

The deputy leader of TVBC, Cllr Adams-King added: “Having two separate people call on consecutive days, both claiming to be from non existent businesses, both in vans that were untaxed and had no current MOT, both selling teak furniture, highlights the risks of engaging with people selling door to door.

"Whilst they may be entirely unconnected, there has been an increase in theft from outbuildings recently, and it could be the case that those selling door to door may also be looking for opportunities for criminality.

"Best not to engage with them and to let them know that our communities look out for one another, as both van drivers discovered around Awbridge last week.”

Other residents have also taken to Facebook to vent their encounters with the scammers.

Although residents say these incidents have been reported, police could not find any new crimes on their system.

As previously reported, A police spokesperson said: "At 2.37pm on December 16 it was reported a man in a white Ford Transit was believed to be cold calling residents trying to sell furniture on Spouts Lane, West Wellow.

"The details of the man and the vehicle was circulated to local officers."