A ROMSEY couple have had to fork out over £100 after their window was smashed by "mindless" vandals.

Andrew and Maxine Smith, who live in Malmesbury Road, had to pay £150 after they discovered shards of glass scattered by their front window last week.

It is believed the damage may have been caused by vandals brandishing a slingshot or a catapult.

Andrew, who works as a beauty therapist, said: "My wife got home at 4pm to find the window had been smashed and she was worried because we have two German Shepherds in the house.

"She was also bringing back the grandchildren from Romsey Abbey C of E Primary school and it could have been very different if she got home earlier.

"The front window was hit with a half inch steel ball bearing either with a slingshot or catapult; they are not common things to have, like a brick which someone can pick up.

"I was at work when this happened and on January 21, my father died so the last thing I needed to be deal with was some mindless act of vandalism."

The 60-year-old added: "I was angry that someone thought it was okay to do and for their split second of enjoyment it affects the victims for weeks. "We have double glazing on the windows so it only broke through the outer side of the glass, which meant there was none on the inside of the living room where the dogs were otherwise it would have been nasty.

"I do not think we were targeted, but that makes it more concerning because there is not much you can do to protect yourself."

Maxine, 64, added she felt "a little bit vulnerable" after seeing her window had been vandalised.

Andrew said: "We reported it to the police on Tuesday evening and we are asking people who may have an idea about who it is to come forward."

The couple's window was broken on Tuesday, January 28, between 9am and 4pm.

The window was repaired on Friday, January 31.

A spokesperson from Hampshire police said "one of the panes in some double glazing" was smashed and a "ball bearing was found between the panes".

Anyone with any information about the incident is asked to call 101.