A NEW fitness trail is coming to Romsey, encouraging residents to get fit this month.

The Romsey Future and Test Valley Borough Council project will be celebrating the final instalment of the outdoor gym equipment by hosting a 10k fitness trail.

Funding of £35,000 was secured to add a further three gym stations to the existing two, making a 10k route.

Funding was granted from Sport England Community Asset Fund and various TVBC grants to fund additional gym stations.

New gym stations are at Romsey Sports Centre, Abbotswood and Whitenap Open Space - the original two are located at Mercier Way and Romsey War Memorial Park.

All five stations are linked in a circular circuit making a fitness trail to be used throughout the year.

The equipment at the stations is suitable for selection of cardio and strength exercises, which can be used independently at any time, as well as part of this 10k route on Saturday, February 15.

Romsey Future leader, Councillor Nick Adams-King said: "I think Romsey Future and Test Valley Borough Council have delivered yet another aspiration identified by the first consultation five years ago.

"It took a little while to get together but I am pleased to be able to make another aspiration of ours happen."

A spokesperson for Test Valley Borough Council said: "The need for additional equipment and better use of open spaces was identified through consultation on the Romsey Future 20 year vision for the town at numerous community events across the town in 2015.

"The project was launched as a result of this.

"Residents are keen to make better use of green spaces and conscious about the need for a healthier and active lifestyle.

"Gym stations were identified as a positive step towards this."

There will be signage at every station with the attached map route and QR code enabling those taking part in the fitness trail to download the route to their phones.

Romsey Town Centre manager, Mark Edgerley said: "I believe the Fitness Trail brings many benefits to our community, including an opportunity for people to take exercise outdoors using a free facility.

"Evidence suggests we can all improve our wellbeing and fitness by being outdoors and taking exercise, the Fitness Trail enables people to use individual elements or to combine sections to match their individual needs.

"The trail also offers the opportunity to join with family and friends to participate together, having fun, being together is such an important aspect of modern live."