RESIDENTS of flats which have had broken security doors and buzzers for almost a year are urging for something to be done.

The flats, which are on Banning Street, Romsey have had problems with them since May last year.

Some of the blocks of flats have non-working buzzers and security doors - meaning anyone could wander the flats and knock on any door they wish.

Most of the flats are owned by housing association, the Aster Group - residents and Councillor Nik Daas have been trying to get something done for months.

Cllr Nik Daas said: "The flats aren't in the best state as they are, but with the doors not working is another thing to worry about.

"There is so much potential for burglars to scout out and easily rob a resident's flat.

"It will become a burglary hotspot if something isn't done."

Cllr Daas has demanded Aster fix these security doors as quickly as possible to avoid future trouble.

One resident of the flats, Stuart Maidment, said: "Between five flats we only have one key, so we have no choice but to leave it unlocked.

"If the kids come home, they can't get in because our buzzer does not work.

"We have no idea who passes through because we leave it unlocked - we have a motion sensor light so we can see people walking past all the time."

Another resident, Sarah Stacey said: "We are lucky in this part because if you are walking through, you live here.

"But other flats will have the same problem but you won't know who could walk through and that is a security threat.

"Something needs to be done to all of the flats."

The flats on Banning Street that have been affected include Ashley House, St Mary's, Mount Pleasant and Tadburn Green.

A spokesperson for the Aster Group said: "The health and safety of our customers is our priority and we take any concerns raised seriously.

“Whilst we haven’t received any formal requests for repairs from customers about this issue, one of our housing team will visit the blocks this week and arrange for any repairs to be carried out if required.

“We’d like to remind customers to contact us directly via our contact centre on 0333 400 8222 or through to report any repairs that might be needed where they live.”