PUPILS at a Romsey school worked on reducing their stress as part of Children’s Mental Health Week.

Stroud School, Highwood Lane, participated in the national event, with this year’s theme being ‘Find your Brave’.

“Engaging” sessions were run by Lorraine Lee, who has a background in child psychology.

She is “incredibly passionate about giving children and young people the best chances possible”, according to a spokesperson from Stroud School.

Parents were also invited in to a workshop, aimed at children six to 13-years-old, focusing on managing anxiety, building resilience and reducing stress.

A spokesperson from Stroud School said: “We are probably all more familiar with the symptoms of someone experiencing internal struggle than we think.

“Shockingly, one in ten children aged three to 16 have a clinically diagnosed mental health issue, and 50 percent of issues established by age 14 continue into adulthood.”

They added: “While some mental health disorders are unavoidable, there are things we can all do to promote and maintain good mental health. “All aspects taught during Mental Health Week highlights Stroud’s dedication to teaching our happiness, honesty and respect, which remain its core values at Stroud.”