A CHINESE restaurant has been heavily criticised after health inspectors found "dead insects" in the kitchen.

A report from the Food Standards Agency, who inspected South Garden in Bell Street, Romsey, said an "improvement" was necessary and gave it a food hygiene rating of 2 out 5.

Inspectors, who worked with Test Valley Borough Council, discovered the "tubes on the electric fly killer were covered in dead insects".

The officer who carried out the inspection found the kitchen equipment in the restaurant was "dirty" and staff members were at risk of contaminating food.

The report reads: "Seals to the tall fridges were blackened.

"Some of the reusable tubs were dirty even though they had been cleaned.

"Pots of flavours and spices on the kitchen shelves and in larger trays were dirty on the outside, you must ensure that food containers are kept clean so as to not contaminate foods being prepared."

They added: "You must ensure all equipment is cleaned so there is no visible dirt remaining and then sanitised where appropriate."

They were also concerned the restaurant had no "soap in the dispenser" and the "basin and taps" were "very dirty".

Health inspectors slammed South Garden after finding "several boxes of frozen meat" left in the back yard for "over an hour" after they had been delivered.

The report said: "The boxes of frozen meat were on the unused sink outside the back door, I was advised they had just been delivered.

"I asked that they be put into chilled or frozen storage, but this did not happen; they were still there over an hour later.

"It was unclear if they were there to defrost or just as they hadn't been put away after delivery."

They added: "Deliveries must be put away as soon as possible."

Officers criticised the restaurant for using "plastic carrier bags" to store food, which are "unsuitable" as they cannot be properly cleaned".

South Garden was also condemned for not giving customers enough detail on allergens.

The officer recommended the restaurant should use "menu cards which they can complete to help them list what's in a particular dish."

South Garden has been contacted for comment.

The inspection took place on December 6.