HERE is everything we know about Coronavirus , both in the Romsey region and nationally.

What's the situation in Hampshire?

A GP surgery in Romsey was shut last week over worries of the coronavirus.

The Nightingale Site of Abbeywell Surgery in Romsey closed on February 27 “due to a potential infection”.

A spokesperson for the surgery confirmed to the Daily Echo that the closure was due to worries over the coronavirus.

A cruise ship which sailed from Southampton was turned away from a Caribbean port at the weekend after fears of Coronavirus.

Eight passengers travelling on MS Braemar operated by Fred Olsen Cruise Lines were struck down with flu-like symptoms.

The Braemar which set sail from Southampton on December 3 was due to dock at the Port of La Romana in the Dominican Republic on Wednesday, February 26.

However, the Dominican health authority turned the vessel away after the captain reported passengers had symptoms including fever, cough, or breathing difficulties.

Staff at Southampton General Hospital have also been told to shave to help limit the spread of coronavirus, it has been reported.
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Which schools were affected last week? 

In our area, just the one school seemed to be affected last week.

A Romsey school has issued a warning to parents over the coronavirus.

The Romsey School has confirmed in an official statement that some students have gone home as a "precautionary measure".

Though it is not known whether any members of staff or students have got the virus.

An official statement said: "There have been no known cases of any member of the school community having the coronavirus.

"Any pupils who have gone home have done so as a precautionary measure."
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What’s the latest advice? 

AVOIDING hand-shakes is one effective way of reducing the risk of catching coronavirus, experts say.

Thorough hand-washing, maintaining distance from others and avoiding contact like hand-shakes can be a good way to stem the spread of the virus.

As fears intensify over the European spread of Covid-19, health professionals have said everyday precautions like carrying hand sanitiser are the best tools to protect against contracting the illness.

Covering your mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve when you cough or sneeze, rather than your hands, and binning used tissues immediately is also helpful, according to NHS guidance.

What's happened nationally?

The Prime Minister is to chair an emergency Cobra meeting on coronavirus following a weekend which saw the number of people infected in the UK climb to 36.

Boris Johnson is expected to warn ministers that Covid-19 will present a "significant challenge" to the country as he finalises a new battle plan by the Government.

Thirteen new coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the UK as the number of people infected climbed to 36.

The first person in Scotland to be diagnosed is a Tayside resident who recently travelled from Italy - the worst-affected country in Europe.

Twelve new cases were diagnosed in England on Sunday and the Health Secretary admitted it was "inevitable" the deadly virus would continue to spread.

Matt Hancock would not rule out following China's lead in shutting down cities if the Covid-19 outbreak escalates.

The UK looks set for more widespread infection of coronavirus as more cases occur among people with no links to overseas outbreaks, a senior Public Health England (PHE) official has said.

Globally, the number of people killed worldwide by the virus exceeds 3,000 and there have been almost 90,000 confirmed cases.