A ROMSEY woman's life turned upside down when she went in for a routine health checkup.

Jenna Wilkinson, 39, was diagnosed with incurable and inoperable cancer when visiting her doctor's for a routine checkup.

She found out she had a tumour on her bowel when first arriving, and following further tests, Jenna discovered it had already spread to her liver - deeming it untreatable.

Now, Jenna's family have set up a GoFundMe page which has raised more than £12,000.

Jenna's brother, Jack Wilkinson said the family are "devastated".

He said: "Jenna is only 39, she has two young sons and only her family and friends to look to for support.

"We’re completely crushed. As a family, we’ve spent days and nights researching extensively for anything we can do to help slow down the spread of this terrible illness, in addition to the chemotherapy she has just started."

Jack added: "It is heart breaking as a family and it is as bad is it can be.

"I cannot thank people enough for donating, it is heart warming all of the people want to help us during this bad time."

Jenna also has another sister, Cally.

He also said the extra money needs to be split to two charities; Jane Scarth House and Bowel Cancer Research.

Jack, a business development manager, said: "Jane Scarth house have been helping my family through this terrible time and do this at no cost.

"A lot of close friends and family set this this house up when my Auntie Jane sadly passed away after loosing her battle to cancer in 1994."

He urged future donations should be made to Jane Scarth House or Bowel Cancer Research.

Jenna has recently had some positive news and she will now be on a new target therapy drug which is called Panitumumab.

This is an Antibody therapy which has given Jenna a massive boost to try and fight the cancer that one of her surgeons said was not possible.