20/00453/FULLS Rebuild existing outbuilding - Redburn Farm , Green Pond Lane, Ampfield, AMPFIELD

20/00473/TREES T1 Oak - reduce the crown by 2m and crown lift up to 4m clearance from the ground level - The Old Police House, Green Pond Lane, Ampfield, AMPFIELD

20/00477/TPOS T2 group of Hornbeam - reduce in height to leave up to 3.5-4m of hedge - The Old Police House, Green Pond Lane, Ampfield, AMPFIELD

20/00479/TPOS T1 Mature Beech - reduce in height up to 4m, T2 Beech - Fell, T3 Beech - crown reduce by up to 4m - The Beeches, 324 Hursley Road, Chandlers Ford, AMPFIELD

20/00486/TPOS Works to trees as per schedule received - 34 Straight Mile, Ampfield, Romsey, AMPFIELD


20/00496/CLES Certificate of lawful existing use of The Stables - Use Class C3 (residential); refurbishment of existing stable block to facilitate conversion from ancillary residential use to primary residential accommodation in association with the main dwellinghouse (Hilltop Farm) - The Stables Hilltop Farm, Hilltop Farm, Newtown Road, AWBRIDGE


20/00492/TREES T1 Pine - Fell - Oakrood, Braishfield Road, Braishfield, BRAISHFIELD


20/00315/FULLS & 20/00316/LBWS Two storey rear extension to provide larger kitchen/diner and utility room with additional bedroom to first floor, conversion and extension of detached garage to provide accommodation ancillary to the house - Butlers Cottage , Rookery Lane, Broughton, BROUGHTON

20/00366/FULLS Installation of pair of wooden entrance gates across driveway set back from the High Street - Chestnut Cottage , High Street, Broughton, BROUGHTON

20/00511/FULLS Construction of a new glazed link with alterations to an existing outbuilding - Foords Farm, High Street, Broughton, BROUGHTON

20/00512/LBWS Construction of a new glazed link with alterations to an existing outbuilding; creation of an internal wall in family room - Foords Farm, High Street, Broughton, BROUGHTON


20/00484/TPOS T1 - Pine tree - Fell - 1 Bracken Hall , Bracken Place, Chilworth, CHILWORTH

20/00490/TPOS T32 - Scotts Pine - Fell - Holmfield House , Pinelands Road, Chilworth, CHILWORTH


20/00373/FULLS Erection of accessible WC and store - St Andrews Church, Manor Lane, Timsbury, MICHELMERSH AND TIMSBURY


20/00504/CLPS Certificate of proposed lawful development for single storey rear extension to existing detached dwelling - Emer House, 1A Baddesley Close, North Baddesley, NORTH BADDESLEY

20/00509/FULLS Demolition of existing outbuildings including garage, external WC, conservatory and stables building; Construction of single and two storey extension with dormer windows to provide open plan living with two additional bedrooms and bathrooms above; construction of detached carport with storage room above - 23 Six Oaks Road, North Baddesley, Southampton, NORTH BADDESLEY


20/00025/FULLS Change of use of existing annexe to be used as a holiday let - The Manor House, Mill Lane, Nursling, NURSLING AND ROWNHAMS

20/00498/FULLS Construction of 2 storey drive through restaurant and amendments to existing car park - Rownhams East Motorway Service Area , M27 Eastbound Service Road, Rownhams, NURSLING AND ROWNHAMS


20/00457/FULLS Demolition of conservatory and erection of single storey rear extension to provide extended kitchen - 2 The Thicket, Romsey, SO51 5SZ, ROMSEY EXTRA

20/00491/TPOS T1-T4 Oak - reduce the side limbs extending over the garden by up to 4m - 49 Hunters Crescent, Romsey, Hampshire, ROMSEY EXTRA


20/00465/TPOS Reduce various branches overhanging property by up to 1.5m - 12 Brick Lane, Romsey, Hampshire, ROMSEY TOWN

20/00472/TPOS T1 Mature Beech - prune back up to 1.5m, T2 Silver birch - reduce and re-shape up to 2m - 15 The Harrage, Romsey, Hampshire, ROMSEY TOWN

20/00516/TREES T1 - Magnolia and T2 - Crab apple reduce and reshape by up to 2 meters - 55 Middlebridge Street, Romsey, Hampshire, ROMSEY TOWN


20/00439/FULLS Construct upvc porch under existing tiled canopy - 30 Pennard Way, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, VALLEY PARK

20/00508/FULLS Single storey rear extension to form extended kitchen and playroom replacing existing conservatory - 25 Salcombe Close, Chandlers Ford, SO53 4PJ, VALLEY PARK


20/00327/FULLS Erection of a 30x60m indoor equestrian arena with associated infrastructure Including new landscaping and parking - Land At Oak Tree Farm, Foxes Lane, West Wellow, WELLOW

20/00467/TPOS T1 - Scots pine - crown lift by removing the lower 2 branches by up to 8 metres - 9 Chichester Close, East Wellow, Romsey, WELLOW