OBJECTIONS have flooded in for plans to have a digital board advertising restaurants in a motorway service station.

Plans were submitted to Test Valley Borough Council for the erection of a digital advertising unit located near to the entrance of the amenities building at Rownhams West Motorway Service Area, M27.

A resident has objected to the plans, submitted by Admedia, due to the "character of area" and the "design" of the advert.

Nursling and Rownhams Parish Council have objected to the plans, claiming it will be distracting for drivers.

It says: "The application states that the sign will not be visible from the M27.

"The assertion will require investigation by Highways as the services are visible from the westbound carriageway and as the proposed sign is very large and will be illuminated, it may cause a distraction to drivers."

Tony Seaton, who lives in Rownhams, submitted an objection which said: "This is very close to Toothill observatory and Rownhams village which has a policy voted by the village of no street lights.

"I assume this is a large LED tv screen with rolling video adverts.

"These are very bright with uni-directional light spread, some adverts flash and flicker light.

"I object as this is the wrong location and unnecessary light pollution."

If approved, the screen will be 4,000mm by 2,000mm, 2.8m from the ground and will not be visible from carriageways.

The determination deadline is Monday, April 13, 2020.

Admedia have also lodged an application to put the same digital advertising board on the opposite service station.

Plans were submitted to Test Valley Borough Council for an erection and display of a free standing digital advertising panel on the Rownhams East Motorway Service Area, M27 Eastbound.

The determination deadline for this application is Tuesday, May 5.

Admedia has been contacted for comment.