A ROMSEY man has captured scenes from a deserted park as coronavirus continues to sweep across Hampshire this week.

Nick Chivers was passing through Romsey's War Memorial Park, The Meads, when he stopped to document the cordoned off playground, benches and outdoor gym.

Nick told the Advertiser: "Police have been patrolling the area for the last couple of days now and there was an older group of people having a chat on the benches, so they were asked to move on; after that the police taped off the benches.

"It reinforces the fact people are meant to be out for exercise, but I can also understand the older generation need to rest on benches."

The 41-year-old added: "Everything has been so quiet and it is surreal because this is nothing we have experienced before in recent times."

This comes after the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced on Monday evening a strict lockdown across the country in a bid to tackle the pandemic.