A HOUSING association has "agreed" to fix a number of flats in Romsey with broken buzzers and security doors.

Councillor Nik Daas has been working with residents of the flats in Banning Street, Romsey for almost a year in getting the housing association, Aster Group, to fix the broken doors and buzzers.

Now, Councillor Daas said they have "agreed to look into actioning a program of works to improve communal areas".

He said: "I have been in contact with Aster housing about the many issues with the Banning Street flats.

"After persistent email and telephone communication on my part, they have agreed to look into actioning a program of works to improve communal areas (security entrance doors etc)."

He added: "I have not received a date as to when these works may take place; however, I will update you if when I find out about this.

"I have been working with officers at Test Valley Borough Council to formulate a plan to ensure that aster take action on the many issues residents have.

"They have shown negligence for the people of our town and I won't stand for it."

On the matter of individual issues with flats, Cllr Nik Daas needs the following details so he can properly present each residents case to Aster.

He said: If you have a problem with your flat that you have formally complained to Aster about and received no reply, please pass the following details on to me; your name, your full address, the complaint with your flat and if possible, the rough date you lodged your complaint with Aster."

These emails should be sent to cllrndaas@testvalley.gov.uk

Cllr Daas said: "If you do not supply me with the above information I cannot, to the best of my ability, present your case to Aster well enough.

"Please pass this message onto other residents who do not have Facebook or may not have seen this post.

"I have been making some progress with Aster however, it is slow and building up a portfolio of residents concerns will be highly valued by myself as I investigate further."

An Aster Spokesperson said: "We continue to look into options which will allow a new door entry system to be installed.

"Unfortunately, there isn’t a straightforward solution and we will need to arrange access to people’s homes, once the government restrictions around all but essential contact are relaxed, to investigate further.

“We are doing our best to find a long-term, cost effective solution that will work across all blocks of this type in the area.

"In the meantime, we have arranged for nightly security patrols to be carried out in the area.”