Lockdown is certainly a new experience for us all, and nobody would pretend this is a decision any PM would take likely, but I have no doubt it is for the best. It is absolutely imperative we do all we can to stay home, stay safe and make sure those who would be most vulnerable to Covid-19 are not exposed to it.

I know organisations like Unity in Romsey and Southampton Voluntary Services are working incredibly hard to co-ordinate local volunteers and make sure those without help to get their shopping or prescriptions have a lifeline. For local readers the Unity line is 0330 400 4116, I spoke to them last week and know how keen they are to be of assistance.

I know these are tough times for small businesses and the self-employed. As I said in the House this week they are the backbone of our economy and we will need their entrepreneurial spirit and determination in order to bounce back from this when it is all over. I know the Chancellor has extended a package of support and although I know it will not cover every circumstance it will certainly help.

Finally, I have high hopes that some of the people I have been helping stranded all round the globe are on their way home. I have been pursuing the Foreign Office relentlessly on this and will keep chasing them over the outstanding ones, even if now done from my kitchen table not the floor of the House of Commons.

MP for Romsey and Southampton North, Caroline Nokes